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July 31, 2023 by
Walalma Senegal
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🏡 July 27th 2023, 15h20, Loumatyr, Ndiaganiao, Sénégal

In the middle of Loumatyr, the #MadeinSenegal solar Offgrid service center "Walalma 1" is serving the women of this village; equipped among others by a millet huller 🌾 and a cereal milling machine (millet, sorghum, maize 🌽).

In operation since November 2021, the "Walalma 1" center is open 7 days a week thanks to its solar panels 🌞,

The villagers in addition to cereal processing, can also buy ice blocks and charge their electrical devices 📳 in this solar service center.

Direct jobs: 2 people;

Number of direct beneficiaries: 165 clients (including 97 women with VIP account);

Number of indirect beneficiaries: about 1,500 people;

Activity of the month of July 2023:

- 108 various customers (66 women with VIP accounts, 42 other customers);

- Hulling activities: 588 kgs of millet;

- Milling activities: 1 184 kgs of millet, 119 kgs of sorghum, 177 kgs of maize;

- Ice block sales: 219 blocks of 750 g of ice;

- Electrical devices charging: 61 phones, 118 smartphones;

Walalma: a Nadji.Bi Group project, with the pilot of Loumatyr "Walalma 1" cofounded by the Efficiency for Access R&D fund (FCDO Services ex-Department for International Development (DFID), IKEA Foundation)


Walalma Senegal July 31, 2023
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